Sprinklr’s international launch: 3 questions for William Ory, Michelin’s Digital and Social Room Manager

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Why did you choose Sprinklr as part of your international strategy?

As with any international group, the issue of the social media ecosystem is very complex to address. The Michelin group has nearly 250 accounts worldwide, with more than 150 people involved.

The issue of governance is essential and that is why the group has chosen to set up a social network management platform. Sprinklr proved to be the most appropriate solution. It is a comprehensive platform that covers all needs in owned, earned and paid media. From the organization of publishing, through listening, monitoring engagement to campaign management, Sprinklr is a fully customizable, collaborative and scalable tool.

What are the challenges and objectives related to the global deployment of this tool?

The main challenge is change management. It is, therefore, a matter of convincing all stakeholders that this solution is the most appropriate and meets all the specific needs of the organization. The objective of the deployment is to obtain a strategic alignment and, thus, control and preserve the brand.

Sprinklr is now the only platform through which all social media activities are programmed. This allows the central office teams to have a global vision, ensure strategic alignment and compliance with guidelines on all social media platforms around the world. It also provides the possibility to combine all metrics and to standardize the measurement of actions. Ongoing developments are linked to engagement, we work with the CRM teams to connect solutions together. “Customer Care” is the next step in this deployment.

How to get on board and manage your network of countries / subsidiaries and ensure their involvement?

As with any project to deploy a new solution, change management must be implemented. First of all, there is the need to have a management sponsor who gives all the necessary authority. Then it is a matter of convincing all the stakeholders, in particular, by relying on the local teams identified as being the driving force that will enable the project to be carried out. Within the central teams, a product owner is in charge of deployment and technical support, in connection with Sprinklr support. The principle is to train and then support all the participants on a daily basis. The internal product owner is both a support and a guarantor of proper use and compliance with rules and guidelines. This support is essential to maintain the adoption rate at the highest level. Lastly, we rely on our partner agency by training their teams in our processes and entrusting them with publishing and reporting missions.

william ory

William Ory, Digital and Social Room Manager at Michelin. He is currently launching the Sprinklr solution internationally (monitoring, publishing, data, reporting) throughout the Michelin Group.


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