Jervis, the ultimate news review for decision-makers

October 2020
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Setting up an effective monitoring system is absolutely pivotal for companies that want to enhance their business. Although, given the avalanche of information online facing managers and communicators, it can be increasingly challenging. We will arm you will be the best practice to:

– effectively monitor social media and online press

– adopt the appropriate monitoring strategy 

– stay informed of market trends and the latest innovations

– manage e-reputation

How to optimise leaders’ decision-making

Gone are the days when executives and communicators read their newspapers every morning on their desks. Today we are inundated with online media, social networks, tablets and smartphones. Given the multitude of information channels and media, it is more and more difficult to have a clear vision of a hot topic, which adds the risk of missing important information for your brand. This situation forces leaders to adopt strategies and tools to keep a close eye on the news so that they don’t miss any information.

Jervis is a suite of business solutions equipped with artificial intelligence to help today’s decision-makers stay informed and drive their business strategy. Throughout the day, it selects the most relevant news from the online press and social networks. Linked to various social media and press sites around the world, Jervis allows brands to be constantly up to date and not miss any opportunities or threats in the market. 

Jervis is available on smartphones via the Jervis Executive app to enable you to have immediate access to the most important insights throughout the day. It is also on desktop, through which you can access all KPIs. The tool analyses:

– online press, both general and specialised;

– conversations on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube;

– opinion leaders (mapping, identification of critics and allies, etc.)

How does Jervis work?

Jervis is a highly customisable monitoring tool that allows you to sort through the news and gathers only the essential information you need to make decisions.  The tool provides a variety of settings that can be configured to your needs from keywords to summary emails. We guide you throughout the process according to your needs.

 Your personalised news review in 3 steps:

  1. Targeting and segmentation of the monitoring: Competitors, environment, influencers and more, we help you to draw the contours of your digital monitoring by defining relevant keywords related to your sector of activity and by segmenting the results by sub-theme for more readability.
  1. News monitoring: Content that matches the attention criteria set appears automatically on the Jervis web platform and application. To cope with the large number of news items related to the topics monitored, our teams have developed an artificial intelligence that identifies the most important articles and displays them in order of priority. It is also possible to receive a regular newsletter to keep you informed of the latest published content or even a detailed report for in-depth analysis.
  1. Informed decision making: Thanks to all the information collected, you have the tools in hands to make the best decisions and set up the action plans necessary to boost your business.

 To obtain the data, Jervis is connected to LexisNexis, which provides almost all the British and international press. Jervis is also connected to Twitter’s Firehose which counts 100% of tweets worldwide. For other social networks, we establish custom connections to get the data.

In summary, Jervis is :

– an intelligent monitoring tool that analyses the press and social networks

– an application to have access to the most important news for you 

– a web platform on which all articles and posts related to a defined topic are available

– a dashboard that centralises the KPIs on your corporate monitoring

– a tailor-made service from a renowned agency specialised in influence and public relations


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October 2020

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