How Brands Can Prosper on LinkedIn: Key Learnings from Sandrine Chauvin

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Last week, JIN hosted an exclusive webinar with guest-speaker Sandrine Chauvin, Editorial Director at LinkedIn News EMEA & LATAM. Responsible for a team of international editors delivering daily news, trends, and insights, Chauvin explained the function of the LinkedIn News team and offered key insights for brands and business leaders looking to enhance their communication strategy. Below, we share the main takeaways from the session.

What is LinkedIn News?

LinkedIn News is a team of 70 global editors who work round-the-clock to create and curate the news and views that matter to professionals. The team offers thought-provoking articles and also helps LinkedIn users to stay informed by providing the most impactful viewpoints on major news articles. LinkedIn News can be accessed via the ‘Today’s News & Views’ panel on the platform or via the Daily Rundown, a daily list of updates including news, trends and career tips.

Creating impactful content

Chauvin shared practical advice brands must keep in mind when creating strong content. In order to be impactful, content must adhere to three golden rules.

  • Choose the right topics – brands must first identify their niche and communicate only on the specific expertise on which they wish to be positioned on. 
  • Consider your timing – brands must tie their content to the newscycle and learn to surf the wave of major trends.
  • Know your audience and align with their interests – businesses must be able to not only identify who their major target is but also understand which topics are top-of-mind for them.

Joining the conversation

However, being successful on LinkedIn goes beyond simply sharing great content. Brands and individuals must proactively join the conversation in order to achieve influence. Chauvin stated “It’s all about debate, starting a conversation, asking questions and joining the conversation by answering some questions to position your expertise.” Giving the example of a recent LinkedIn Live broadcast with French Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, she explained that Le Maire’s decision to host the live broadcast on LinkedIn was due to the platforms’ ability to offer two-way conversation. The event was a notable demonstration of this, with Le Maire interactively answering questions and speaking directly to his audience. 

When asked how individuals can expand their personal sphere of influence on LinkedIn, she emphasised this further, “it’s not just about sharing articles, it’s about creating a conversation and engaging with an audience. It can be long-form posts, short-form content or videos. It’s much better if you are commenting on content as well.” Exemplary professionals who have achieved significant influence on LinkedIn through building communities and sharing engaging content are glorified on the LinkedIn Top Voices list, an annual register of the most inspiring and influential business professionals on the network.

Adapting during the Covid-19 crisis

In today’s turbulent times, LinkedIn News has been an important hub in helping professionals stay up to date. They have ensured that the top news linked to the current crisis that impacts professionals is always included within the localised Daily Rundown. One key example is the creation of the Covid-19 weekly roundup which offers easy access to the week’s insights and resources in one place. They have also created specific storylines containing all the official updates from governments, world health organisations and local officials in order to provide a centre for information only from trusted officials. Streams such as this UK example are curated by LinkedIn editors and include handy quick links to the latest information from the UK Government and the World Health Organization

To provide more visibility to key industry professionals during this time, LinkedIn have also created special editions of their Top Voices list, such as this list of influential health care professionals. This special edition Top Voices list was created to give more visibility to inspiring medical professionals, many of whom are on the frontlines, so that a wider audience have access to up-to-date professional opinion pieces on what is happening now and what’s coming next.

Many brands too have adapted the way they communicate in this period. Chauvin says leaders must take steps to remain accessible during this period of uncertainty. She offered the example of major French retailer Michel-Édouard Leclerc, who has used LinkedIn in recent weeks to communicate with members of his workforce such as cashiers, something he is perhaps unlikely to have done offline. ‘Leaders need to be closer to their citizens or employees right now’, concluded Chauvin.

LinkedIn’s Latest Features: LinkedIn Live & Stories

Chauvin also highlighted a few of the latest platform features for brands to take advantage of. As well as LinkedIn Live, which is whitelisted at present, she spoke about stories, polls and newsletters. The decision for LinkedIn to offer stories is perhaps unsurprising due to the fact they are now an integral part of other major social media platforms. Chauvin described stories as ‘a new way to deliver news in a snappy way.’ Regarding the little-known Newsletter feature, she described how series of articles can be transformed into Newsletters that users can subscribe to, opening up new possibilities like lead generation and ensuring your audience can remain up to date with all important developments.

How brands can work with LinkedIn News

When discussing how brands can work with LinkedIn News, Chauvin explained that they should be approached in the same fashion as a traditional newsroom and be approached with breaking news to share. The main difference between LinkedIn and a traditional newsroom lies in the way in which content is distributed however which is much more targeted than in any media and therefore has the potential to be much more powerful. Chauvin encapsulates this by saying “You’re not here to broadcast info to thousands of people, if you’re coming to LinkedIn, you can target the right audience.’ Other key success factors include contacting local editors and sending your press release well in advance to give the editorial team time to process it.


With a plethora of content types and over 260 million active monthly users, LinkedIn provides a wealth of opportunities for brands to both offer and consume the updates which are important to them, but many organisations and individuals are still not harnessing its full potential. As Chauvin’s talk demonstrated, the media landscape has dramatically changed, meaning brands must learn to adapt and embrace the new ‘conversational’ way we consume news or risk being left behind. 

If you would like more advice on how to develop your corporate LinkedIn strategy or expand your personal sphere of influence on LinkedIn, contact us here.


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