Do you have what it takes to be an influencer?

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Why not? Yesterday it was gamers, comedians and athletes; today, meditation experts, handymen, make-up artists; and tomorrow the tech-savvy mum who lives next-door or your film-buff uncle. You could be sharing your passion and increasing your influence via social platforms, just like them. But do you have what it takes? What are the qualities of a successful influencer?


The three pillars of a successful influencer

Generally speaking, there are three key qualities of an influencer:

  1. Passion, and the desire to share this passion with their followers
  2. The work and technique, dedication to keep content regular and making the best use of social media
  3. Social qualities and authenticity

However, let’s make it clear once and for all that there is no such thing as a typical influencer. Each person is free to find their own level of expression, their audience and their own creativity. Obviously, Kylie Jenner or Cristiano Ronaldo are special cases, but the universe of influencers is vast, and swimwear models only occupy a small part of it.

« The basic idea is to create value for the spectator. What will I be able to bring him? What service am I going to do for him? » Mr. GRrr


The extra touch: your personality

The real difference between the budding influencers and other social media users is the value concept: the extra element which you bring to your followers, whether that is creativity, beauty, humour, information or inspiration.

Top influencers, for example American Casey Neistat (12 million+ subscribers on YouTube), went as far as creating his own unique workshop in the heart of Manhattan, where he recounts his life as an entrepreneur and tech enthusiast, providing a unique and original view of the city. His endearing personality does the rest.

Honestly, originality is not the only answer and the market is saturated with it. To stand out from the crowd is a real work of art, quality photography, meticulous copywriting, well-planned scripts and soundtracks. You should not skimp on time or means.

If passion represents the tip of the iceberg, consistency, regularity and humility is what pays off in the long term, whether you are someone who likes to put themselves forward or not. In other words, think strategy first and do not hesitate to develop your skills to achieve your objectives and perfect the quality of your content.

You’ll have to roll up your sleeves, learn to use new software, for example in audio and video editing, and maybe even get coaching. Making videos that achieve thousands of views on TikTok or building striking content on LinkedIn cannot be improvised: you need to understand how to capture the attention of your audience in less than a second to turn a user into an engaged member of your community.

Since childhood, I have always been passionate about design and art, with the ambition today to make it my second career, thanks to my brand L.A.N… I also wish to do more photography in the future and develop my skills in the field ». Luc Abalo


Where to find your first followers?

How to develop an engaged community?

Is it necessary to appear in your own photos?

How to be appreciated by brands?

How important is transparency?


To answer these questions and go further, check out the Influencer’s Handbook – 100 answers proposed by experts, experienced influencers and beginners (currently only available in French).


The Influencer’s Handbook is available online on Ellipses, Fnac and Amazon.

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