BFM BUSINESS: Digital Influence at the Center of Company Strategy

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Eliott Maidenberg, Managing Director at JIN US, sits down to discuss the complexities of digital influence with BFM Business. While discussing the implementation of global campaigns, he illustrates the longevity of digital influence and how it can be utilized to create a modern public relations strategy that exceeds expectations.

“The world of mass media and push marketing is collapsing. Brands come to us to build comprehensive influence ecosystems that include social media, content marketing, online PR, and events, as opposed to what an ad agency would offer which is a 30 second video.”

“What matters is to understand the business of our clients. We need to understand how they do business, who their clients are and what their brand vision is. Once we know that we have high quality data on our client and we are able to draw the right insights to come up with the most relevant strategy.”

“The key to managing international influencer campaigns is to combine a centralized organization and brand vision with local culture and media consumption habits.”

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