B2B Tech PR in the UK: How to Get Coverage

July 2020
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For B2B Tech brands looking to expand in the European market, the UK is an obvious choice to get started. Beyond the language and cultural proximity – although there are important differences that shouldn’t be ignored -, the UK is a very advanced tech market with informed buyers and significant demand. On the flip side, the UK is a highly saturated market which  requires a creative approach to PR to cut through the clutter if you wish to establish a presence there, build brand recognition and generate inbound qualified leads. Here are a few tips on how to successfully leverage PR to achieve your business goals in the UK.

Get the fundamentals right

In a highly competitive market, it is hard to get noticed without being a known brand. Working with a local agency with tech PR experience will ensure that your pitch gets noticed by tech reporters. But relationships aren’t everything: you need to craft a story that will resonate with British buyers. The US is a different market with a different reality, and the messaging that worked there may not work here. While there tends to be a fascination for technology coming from the US, and this can be used to your advantage, it doesn’t mean you should go through the trouble of finding a newsworthy angle. If you don’t have big UK clients yet, try explaining how your technology is relevant in today’s United Kingdom.

Don’t be scared, be strategic

In the UK, B2B tech reporters are usually approachable, but just like the rest of their profession they are saturated with requests. A good agency will be able to identify who in their database would be the right reporters to talk about your brand and will make your story compelling to them so they write about you. Not every pitch has the potential to make it on the front page of the Guardian, and that’s ok: what matters is to get clippings where your target audience spends their time gathering information. With that in mind, make sure your agency gives you clarity on exactly which reporter they are going to pitch to and why. 

Use a creative approach

Writing a press release and shooting to a database of 200 reporters isn’t always the best approach. Starting conversations with B2B Tech journalists on Twitter or LinkedIn is often a good way to grab their attention. It is also good to ask for feedback to a trusted editor during the planning stage to ensure the angle will resonate and the UK media will want to write about you. If you don’t have the relationships, your agency should be able to help with that.

Become an expert

The UK B2B Tech media relies on data a lot for its stories. If you are able to generate datasets with your technology, and draw unique insights relevant to the UK market, you are in a good place to catch the reporter’s attention. The next step is to get your agency to introduce your spokesperson to the reporter so you can be positioned as an expert in your field. With that will come requests for quotes, and more frequent mentions. However, this requires perseverance: if you stop feeding reporters with information, they’ll find another expert.
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July 2020

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