Our Manifesto

Our Manifesto

The digital revolution hasn’t changed the fundamentals of life. Trust is a universal condition based on creating shared value. Trust is the unshakeable foundation to convince, mobilise and build lasting bonds between people, brands, customers, elected officials and voters.

Yet, as we communicate huge amounts of data, trust is becoming a rare and overlooked commodity. This is a new world, one of cynicism and doubt. Voices of commercial entities and establishments are often contested or ignored. This is a direct consequence of a lack of sincerity and greater public awareness, and frankly, a profound disinterest for artificial, characterless and impersonal content.

As an agency, our mission is to build & maintain trust for our clients and audiences - trust between brands and consumers, between employers and new talent, between elected officials and citizens, between communities and individuals.

We believe that in the communications industry, the quality of influence acquired depends entirely on the trust generated. When Jin counsels clients, we strive to follow these principles:


Information used should be researched and verified at all times. If a message is product or service related, it must, without fail, deliver on its promise. If this is an argument, it must be corroborated and the sources confirmed.


Communication needs to be relevant, targeted and personal. Communication is the first touch point for many services and shouldn’t disrupt the daily flow of lives. It should be useful, inspiring and entertaining. Communication implicitly expresses the social utility of a company, its vision and its "leadership".


Communication never stops: once a dialogue is open, it should keep on going. Answer questions, inform and always remain tuned into relevant conversations. Maintaining this approach can help override misunderstanding and defuse conflict. A constant dialogue empowers us to evolve and reinvent ourselves, especially with customers.


Communication cannot be disconnected from society as a whole. The act of communication isn’t neutral – it conveys messages, concepts, images and a vision of society. We respect and promote human rights, the laws of the countries in which we operate, cultures we encounter. At the same time, we strive to maintain our core values: freedom, responsibility, democracy and a myriad of opinions.


Technology has enabled us to exponentially increase our ability to communicate - only human beings make this possible. Technology is not the end goal: it all starts with an individual and it ends with an individual. We shape our words and sentiments with emotions and higher reasoning. We are tech-savvy, not technoblivious.


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