Creating trusted digital relationships is paramount for agencies, laboratories and pharma professionals. Healthcare generates more conversations and search engine queries than any other topic online. Jin supports a wide range of healthcare and pharmaceutical organisations with digital strategy.

Build connections with online patient communities e.g. with informative content about diseases and available treatments

Jin’s influencer discovery & digital listening tool, Plugr, helps organisations to analyse digital conversations and research key opinion leaders

Engage in conversations with a whole spectrum of digital health stakeholder communities such as physicians, pharmacists and nurses, occupational therapists

Gather opinion leaders and professionals around essential industry questions: the future of the physician’s role, biotechnologies, the impact of digital on healthcare



The consumer lifestyle sector offers Jin consultants the ability to deliver rich story-telling campaigns. We live in a world where only the best ideas get noticed by consumers. Jin prides itself as a hotbed of creativity & ideas from talented Jin staffers based in UK, France and Germany. We have oodles of experience delivering creative campaigns across tourism, food, automotive, design and fashion sectors.

We begin with intensive research based planning to optimise content and visibility strategies

Building and activating digital communities to develop brand visibility

Start engaging & activating campaigns with influencers: e.g. designers, chefs, photographers, video directors and journalists



The fast-paced technology sector can be a bewildering world for many audiences. Sectors like SaaS services, telecoms, gadgets and robotics are fields where it is critical to be able to quickly explain benefits.

Jin translates tech into easy-to-grasp concepts, designed to increase market share and visibility.

Understand customers, clients, opinion leaders; analyse trends and competitor positioning

Deliver the right way to tell a story, the mission, benefits

Generate attention from digital audiences and convert to sales, via optimised and useful content



Getting in touch with consumers by mouthwatering social media strategies for brands and products or support companies with convincing positioning in the digital hemisphere - JIN provides its clients in the food sector with holistic communication strategies that gather all stakeholders around the brand's table - for B2C as well as B2B communication services.

- Enhancement of digital brand positioning based on current market evaluation
- Influencer relations with relevant digital communities
- Product PR


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